Shepherds is a tactical two player game of head to head competitive herding in a fantasy setting. Players will use cards from their hands to move groups of animals from the pasture to their paddock. Clever card-play and combos are the key to winning the Shepherd’s cup!

Modem Wars

Modem Wars is a game for 2-5 players hacking their way to notoriety in the late 80’s hacking scene. On their turn, players will place a new network tile on the board and count up any changes in their control over major networks. The player with the most nodes between their location and a major network controls that network gaining them notoriety and some special actions granted by that network.

Coffee Break Dungeon

Coffee Break Dungeon is a small and quick solo dungeon crawl game you can play in 15 – 30 minutes. Players draw double sided tiles and add them to the table growing the dungeon with rooms, treasures, monsters, spells and attacks. Defeat monsters by surrounding them, claim treasures by clearing rooms and try to survive!


Derelict is a solo game of space salvage and survival. Players will control a small team of Rusters trying to salvage a derelict spacecraft. Upon boarding the ship, you quickly realize that you’re not alone. Pilot this abandoned ship back to base while keeping your crew alive.


  • Extremely modular:
    • Modular ship that gets built while you explore
    • Three very different enemy types
    • Twelve different Rusters to build a crew with
    • Dozens of items to find and equip your crew with.
  • Strong solo experience.
  • Unique dice allocation combat system.